Part 204/21/16 @ 11

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Part 204/21/16 @ 11
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It was a random Thursday afternoon. Mr. Dalmatian had come home for a few hours between his classes. I was supposed to be studying for my nursing boards. Mr. Dalmatian was supposed to be writing a paper that was due the next day. Instead, we were watching Hulu, snacking on cookie dough, and cuddling with Echo. Oops!

Can you blame me for being distracted by this cuteness?

When my phone rang and I saw it was from an unknown number, I let out a little groan. Have I mentioned I hate talking to strangers on the phone? Ordinarily, I would have pretended to miss the call and hoped they left a voicemail, but not this time. You see, 1) I was in the process of applying to jobs and figured it could be a potential employer and 2) whenever Mr. D is there he makes me answer the phone to try to help me get over my phone-phobia. He’s always making me a better person, though sometimes I drag my feet kicking and screaming. Oops!

I am awfully glad he made me answer this phone call though.

It was the nice gal from the bridal salon telling me that my dress had come in! Woot woot! I couldn’t remember exactly when they had told me to expect it—I blame bridal brain and my overwhelming excitement when I made the purchase—but I was pretty sure it wasn’t supposed to be for another month or so. The friendly reminder of my remaining balance brought my joy down a small notch, but I was way too excited to let a little budget-breaking ruin the moment.

I hung up the phone and skipped into the living room squealing,天下彩手机wap, “My dress is in! My dress is in!”?? I then sent my mom a text: “My dress is in!”?? I then called my sisters and told them, “My dress is in!”?

Mama Dalmatian had a trip to Nashville planned for about a month and a half later, but I was clearly not going to be able to wait that long to pick up my dress and see it in person! We decided Sister K and I would pick it up, and we would have a fashion show for my mom when she came to visit. I was a little nervous because I have heard stories of it not being how you remember, or not looking the same as the sample you tried on, but I pushed these concerns aside and continued squealing in glee. I couldn’t wait to put on my dress. MY dress. As in, the dress I will be wearing to my wedding.

As you can tell, I am still reeling in excitement. You’ll have to wait just a pinch longer for photos from the fashion show, but here is proof that the dress is in my possession (in case you didn’t believe me)!

Were you giddy when your dress arrived?

Did the dress look the way you expected it to?

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